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African Print

Our African Print Reading Programme! Designed for grades 1-7, our programme features a collection of graded readers that showcase authentic indigenous South African stories. These readers are available in a range of South African languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all learners.

Our Catalogue

Catalogue coming soon!

The series follows a carefully curated grading process, enabling teachers to track the progress of their students' reading skills. With individual books tailored to each learner's level, we provide a personalized approach to reading development. This ensures that every student has materials suited to their abilities, fostering confidence and growth.

Each reader is accompanied by engaging activities that enhance reading comprehension and meaning. By actively involving learners in these activities, we encourage a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the stories they encounter. The combination of vibrant artwork and captivating narratives ignites a passion for reading in young minds, nurturing a lifelong love for literature.

“One of the best educational publishers in South Africa. The company is committed to diversity, inclusion and upholding of the Ubuntu values. Timothy Sibeko will always be remembered as a man who made a difference in our education sector.”

- Pheonix Cassidy