An Independant, black owned South African Company


At our company, we believe that mathematics is a practical skill best taught using manipulatives. Our kits are thoughtfully designed to facilitate the Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract (CPA) approach, allowing teachers to effectively engage learners of various styles and prior knowledge levels.

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Mathematics across all the phases (Foundation Phase, Intermediate & Senior Phase) covers five main content areas (or domains):
Numbers, Operations and Relationships, Patterns, Functions and Algebra,  Space and Shape (Geometry), Measurement, Data Handling

An Independant, black owned South African Company

We prioritize the success of our customers beyond the sale of our products.

That's why we offer comprehensive training workshops to assist teachers and practitioners in effectively utilizing our materials. Our workshops guide educators on integrating our kits into their lessons, aligning them with the curriculum, and maximizing their impact in the classroom.

With our Mathematics Kits and accompanying training workshops, educators can unlock the potential of their learners, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for mathematics. Join us in transforming mathematics education into an engaging and accessible journey for all students.

“One of the best educational publishers in South Africa. The company is committed to diversity, inclusion and upholding of the Ubuntu values. Timothy Sibeko will always be remembered as a man who made a difference in our education sector.”

- Pheonix Cassidy