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Coding and Robotics

Explore the world of Coding and Robotics with Vivlia MST! Discover the endless possibilities of using technology to solve real-world problems through an exciting learning experience. Our carefully curated selection of age-appropriate robotic kits empowers learners to unleash their creativity while developing essential technical skills.

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The Vivlia Coding & Robotics Kits are easy-to-use

Coding and Robotics subject is central to function in digital and information -driven world; apply digital ICT skills and transfer these
skills to solve everyday problems in the development of learners. It is also concerned with various inter-related areas of Information
Technology and Engineering.

“One of the best educational publishers in South Africa. The company is committed to diversity, inclusion and upholding of the Ubuntu values. Timothy Sibeko will always be remembered as a man who made a difference in our education sector.”

- Pheonix Cassidy