An Independant, black owned South African Company

Committed to enhancing the culture of teaching, learning, and reading in school communities

At Vivlia we understand the significance of our role as an Education partner in shaping the future of teaching and learning in South Africa. We consider it both a privilege and a responsibility to contribute to the provision of high-quality products that enhance education.

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Our Offering

A leading publishing house specialising in educational, children’s and general publications.

Our journey as an indigenous publishing house is intertwined with the dynamic shifts in the South African educational landscape. Over the years, we have stood side by side with teachers, supporting them through curriculum changes and evolving educational requirements. We take pride in being a reliable partner, dedicated to empowering educators and students alike to excel in their academic endeavors.

Our Partners

Clever Kids Educational Tools specialize in the supply of early childhood education learning kits to crèches, schools, and the general public. Our products create hands-on, play-based learning experiences for children.

Vivlia Innovation specializes in developing interactive educational digital content for the school market.

At Vivlia Frosch we supply machinery, tools and equipment for technical schools and colleges. We believe in the important role of artisans within the South African economy therefore we provide the best equipment for leaners.

Vivlia Publishers: Bridging Education and Impact

Vivlia Publishers goes beyond textbooks. We're dedicated to education and its broader impact. We're not just sellers; we're partners in your learning journey.

We believe in the power of quality education. Our commitment to learning extends beyond profit margins. We're here to enrich the lives of students, teachers, and lifelong learners.

“One of the best educational publishers in South Africa. The company is committed to diversity, inclusion and upholding of the Ubuntu values. Timothy Sibeko will always be remembered as a man who made a difference in our education sector.”

- Pheonix Cassidy