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Life Sciences just got AWESOME!!!!

The Viva Life Sciences Study Guide is the most comprehensive addition to your school bag! It covers the work for grades 11 and 12 Life Sciences. Not only does the Guide provide you with summaries for every section of work in the CAPS, but each section begins with a detailed mind map, so that you are able to get a clear overview of the topic, before you start.

You do not have to make the summaries – Viva Life Sciences Study Guide has done it all for you!

Don’t know what a word means? Our glossary is a mini-dictionary jam-packed with all the terminology!

Not sure what science skills are? We give you an easy-to-read explanation for all the tricky bits, from drawing diagrams, to drawing graphs, to drawing conclusions – it’s all there!

Worried if you have ‘got it’ by the time you have worked through a topic? Don’t stress – try the Example Questions, followed by Suggested Answers to see if you’re on the right track.

Don’t think you’re studying correctly? We’ve got it all covered – from preparation tips to what to do the night before the exam, to what to do when your exam paper hits the desk in front of you!

Asking yourself if you’re ready for the exams? Take our Exemplar Exams, mark them with our Memo and see just how AWESOME you really are!