Touch-Talk Series


 “Most young children are TACTILE-KINESTHETIC learners who learn best when provided with the opportunity to TOUCH concrete objects and TALK about what they are learning.”  International Research.



         (Listen and Read – Touch and Talk)

Groups of learners are able to listen to and read supplementary story cards together, independently, while teacher works with other groups.

Based on an internationally best-practice ‘modelling’ approach, this kit consists of 20 different, durable, colourful, high-interest story cards and self-corrective comprehension cards.

A CD for each story and a CD player with 4 earphones and individual volume control, enables a group to listen and follow stories with short sentences (modelling). Four copies of each story card means each child has his/her own card. Tactile group games and photocopiable written work sheets related to each story, reinforce the reading, comprehension, fluency and motivation as well as social skills precede a read-back..

A colourful teacher’s guide makes this kit classroom-friendly and easy for the teacher to manage. A wonderful reading resource that can be used to supplement and enrich any basic reading scheme and caters for different learning styles. Comes in a strong plastic storage box.

For: Foundation Phase as well as older children who are poor readers.

Caps aligned.









(Touch and Talk – catering for different learning styles)


Single, pairs or groups of learners are able to work independently on reading and language skills and concepts, while teacher teaches other groups.

This kit, packed with colourful, durable, hands-on-games and activities of an international standard, supplements and enriches any reading and language scheme. The games and activities develop listening and speaking skills; reading skills such as alphabet and phonics, sequencing, words eg. rhyming , high frequency , breaking down and building words, observation and memory skills;  They develop eye-hand coordination, critical thinking; creativity, decision-making skills and more.

They provide the concrete experiences needed for a firm foundation in reading and language and cater for different learning styles.

A colourful, illustrated teacher’s guide explains the activities and gives ideas for extension activities. Comes in a strong plastic storage box.


For:  Foundation Phase as well as older children who are poor readers.

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( Touch and Talk )

Supplementary hands-on materials, for use in  Maths lessons, that enable learners to Touch, Manipulate, Talk and Understand the concepts being taught.

These exciting and quality kits  provide a variety of hands-on, durable manipulatives to provide the concrete and language experiences that learners need for the formation of sound mathematical concepts such as number, patterns, shape and position, measurement and data handling. High quality manipulatives, of international standard, include interlocking cubes, shapes, counters, non-tearable money, fractions, cards, dominoes etc. Also included are special self-corrective tactile tools and games that develop logical and creative thinking as they reinforce concepts required by the curriculum. A book of photocopiable worksheets (Gr1 only) can be used for application, extension or assessment of concepts and skills.

A teacher’s Guide on how to use these materials is included. This excellent resource can be used with any mathematical scheme or programme and caters for different learning styles.

Comes in a strong plastic storage box.

Caps aligned.


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